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   Hi, I am a farm girl from Northeast Nebraska. I went to a country school at District 15 and 48 for my first 8 years of school and then to Wayne High School for my high school diploma. As I grew up, my mother and grandmother were a great influence in my love of sewing. They were both excellent seamstresses and had a lot of scraps. Those scraps were made into beautiful clothes for my dolls at the age of 8. I joined a local 4-H club at the age of 9 and enrolled in every sewing project that ever existed through my next nine years in the 4-H program. My mother thought I needed lots of practice, so I enrolled in “Let’s Sew” three years in a row. There were three aprons in her cedar chest for years. I also had a 4-H leader, Violet Diamond, who was very patient and did a lot of ripping so I could have a well-constructed garment. My love of sewing carried through high school. I enrolled in an adult education class for sewing with wool. I made my first tailored wool coat during that class. My sewing projects and modeling those garments brought me to the State Fair in Nebraska many times.

   After high school, I enrolled at Wayne State College with a Home Economics major and a Library Science minor. After two years of college, I married my high school sweetheart. This year we will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. During the first five years of marriage, we were blessed with three beautiful little girls. I then entered college again, after eight years of motherhood. We moved in with my mother-in-law, a wonderful lady, who made it possible for me to finish my education with a major in Home Economics and a minor in Art with an endorsement in Education. The first quilt I designed was for a craft class I took for my Art minor. After completing all my course work and doing my student teaching, I felt teaching in a high school setting was not for me. I thought perhaps I did have the basics to teach adults.

   With prodding from my husband, he and I ventured into businesses together in a building especially designed and built for what we thought we needed for two separate businesses. Thus, Ron’s Radio (communications business) and Just Sew (fabric store) were created. After five years of teaching 3 nights a week, 52 weeks a year, we decided I needed more space to accommodate a real quilt shop. As a result, a two-story addition was made to our original building, which made the floor space six times larger than the original space. That original space was very small and is now used for our joint office. The retail area is still small compared to most stores, but it is packed with samples, fabrics, books and notions for my customers who come near and far just to see what my newest quilt project might be.

   I love to teach, quilt and design. By opening a website, I hope to inspire the average quilter across the USA. Most of the quilts I design and do, can be done by quilters with little quilting experience. If you can cut accurately and sew a quilter’s quarter-inch seam allowance, you can do all of my patterns that I design or feature on my website.

   This is the first website I have opened. It has been a real learning experience for myself and my oldest daughter, Wendy. The site is a work in progress. We will be adding more items to it all the time, as fabrics are ever changing in the store. I have also learned more about the pictures for the site. These also will be improved as we keep adding to the site. If you would like better pictures or questions about items on the site, do not hesitate to email me at justsew@abbnebraska.com